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Rı Witness Patient Witness System

Rı Witness system security system is an advanced computer system, also known as a computer system. This system is used in IVF laboratories. All procedures performed


What is surrogacy? A surrogate mother is called a volunteer mother if the woman is carrying and giving birth to a child that is not genetically


Embryo Donation

Infertility has become a major problem frequently seen in our age. The fact that this problem is increasing day by day may be related to

What is Premature Birth?

Premature Birth If the baby is born between the 20th and 37th weeks of pregnancy, when the baby is not fully developed yet, this is

Nutrition During Pregnancy

Nutrition During Pregnancy You should have frequent but small servings of meals during pregnancy. You should neither stay hungry for long nor get full up

Pregnancy Follow Up

Pregnancy Follow Up A to Z of Pregnancy Assessment and Observation and Laboratory Tests; Ideally, a woman should see a gynaecologist and have an examination

Multiple Pregnancies

Throughout the human history, multiple pregnancies (multiple birth) aroused interest and mentioned in many legends. Multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, quadruplets etc) used to be fairly

Pregnancy and Birth

Storing Cord Blood

Storing Cord Blood The baby’s life inside the uterus is connected to the placenta through the umbilical cord. Placenta is the organ which provides the

Breastfeeding and Breast Milk

 Breastfeeding and Breast Milk Breastfeeding is immensely healthy and natural. It should be immediately started after birth whether it is a natural or C-section birth. Since

Epidural Anesthesia

In order to understand Epidural anesthesia, one should know about pain during labour. What are the causes of labour pain? There are two main causes