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Sperm Chip Fertile Plus microfluidic sperm extraction chips have been widely used in recent years. These chips have been developed to separate morphologically and physiologically better sperm with less risk of DNA breaks from other low quality, dead and immature sperm cells. The aim is to achieve success without using techniques that can physically damage healthy cells.

Before artificial insemination, the semen sample is spun at high speed and precipitated to separate the sperm from the seminal fluid. This is called centrifugation. Experts say that these procedures can damage the sperm. However, thanks to the sperm chip, this risk is minimized.

To separate the sperm, seminal fluid is injected into a channel in the chip, which is less than half a millimeter wide. The healthy sperm then swim out through the channel in the chip to separate the healthy sperm from the dead or damaged sperm. After these procedures, the rate of healthy sperm increases from 45 percent to 98 percent.

Scientists have found that in the seminal fluid of men found to be infertile, there are even a few healthy sperm among millions of unhealthy sperm. Thanks to this method, it has been found that it is very easy to extract healthy sperm from all these unhealthy sperm.

According to the World Health Organization, 70 million couples worldwide suffer from infertility. According to the data, one third of the infertility problem is caused by men only. Among treatment approaches, assisted reproductive therapies such as intracellular sperm injection have been found to be the best solutions for male infertility. It is also generally accepted that the most important aspect of intracellular sperm injection treatment is to select the healthiest sperm.

The sperm selection parameter for intracellular sperm injection is sperm motility and morphology. However, today’s standard techniques are inadequate. It has also been observed that DNA damage can occur during separation techniques due to density difference. In the flotation technique, the motile sperms among the sedimented sperms are based on swimming to the fresh environment. Both techniques are inadequate in semen samples with high DNA fragmentation rates.

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus It is preferred in IVF treatment to obtain healthy sperm needed for use in an IVF protocol and is becoming more and more prominent day by day.

In the method, the sperm travels through micro-channels on its way to the egg. Since the microchip recreates an environment similar to the one used in fertilization, the sperms travel through the channels closest to the original.

Research is also ongoing on microfluidic technology, which according to research has been found to offer a selection mechanism suitable for sperm physiology. Of course, the difficulty of current clinical techniques cannot be underestimated. It is also obvious that it depends on the worker. However, sperm chips provide a highly efficient sperm sorting and stand out as advanced technology microfluidics. Mobile sperms in a narrowed microfluidic environment can easily adapt to this microchip.

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus It can be used in andrology laboratories, assisted reproductive treatment centers, IVF centers in hospitals, medical laboratories. With sperm chips, the most genetically healthy sperm can be separated from a semen sample without any pre-treatment. It is aimed to use sperms that are least exposed to free radical oxygen in various treatments and to increase the success rate in IVF treatments.

The evaluation of the data obtained from sperm chips used in many different centers around the world is ongoing. Data are being monitored in many countries including the USA, Russia and various European countries. The products comply with all necessary regulations and standards and have CE certificate. They have the status of small equipment used in assisted reproductive treatments in international standards.

What Does Sperm Chip Fertile Plus Do?

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus method, healthy sperm cells are separated from unhealthy sperm cells. Microchips, also called sperm chips, ensure the selection of the highest quality sperm. In this process, the sperm chips work in the same way as they do in the natural environment.

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus healthy and high quality chips are also selected for DNA maintenance. The sperm are separated into two parts and quality sperm are transferred to one part, while damaged sperm are transferred to the other part. Unhealthy sperm are excluded and healthy sperm are used in the treatment. Thus, the risk of poor sperm quality is eliminated. This increases the chances of successful pregnancy.

IVF treatment is one of the greatest sources of hope for those who cannot have a baby by normal means. IVF treatment requires a detailed examination and the treatment process is evaluated in detail according to the patients’ condition, test results, wishes, budget, genetic structure, special conditions, etc. As a result of the evaluation, scientifically proven methods are included in the treatment process. Sperm Chip Fertile Plus It is also used in IVF treatment and is functional in terms of increasing the chance of success of pregnancy. Especially if the problem in pregnancy attempts is caused by the man, the best quality sperms can be obtained with this method. It is also possible to initiate a successful pregnancy by using quality sperms in IVF treatment.

Fertility problems are widespread around the world and studies show that in 1 out of every 3 attempts, the source of the fertility problem is male. Conditions such as low sperm count or poor sperm quality are among the factors that cause pregnancy problems. Sperm Chip Fertile Plus At this point, it appears as a modern method in order not to negatively affect the trials.

When is Sperm Chip Fertile Plus Preferred?

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus In recent years, it stands out as one of the technologies that increase the chance of pregnancy and successful results can be achieved if applied at the right time by the right experts.

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus The method is generally preferred in cases where the sperm count in the male is low or the source of infertility is in the male. When sperm is obtained from the testicles by methods such as micro-TESE or TESA during treatment, it is not recommended by experts. Again Sperm Chip Fertile Plus In order for the method to be applied, the man must have a small amount of sperm. In the case of azoospermia, where there are no sperm in the male, the patient cannot be treated with sperm chips.

Since the development of chip sperm technology, success rates in IVF treatments have increased dramatically. For this reason, the method is considered for those who are considering IVF treatment and is recommended to families after preliminary examinations and research by specialist doctors.

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus and IVF Treatment

IVF treatments can solve two thirds of today’s infertility problems. Issues that would have been unthinkable in the past are now included among routine treatments with IVF treatment. Infertility problems and IVF treatment is one of the most developing fields of medicine. Development continues day by day.

Today Sperm Chip Fertile PlusInfertility caused by men with insufficient sperm count can be solved with micro-chip IVF treatment. Assuming that 50 percent of infertility is caused by men, the importance of the development of sperm chips will be better understood. It has become a source of hope for men who have difficulty in achieving pregnancy due to sperm count, shape and morphological reasons. This method is quite common in our hospital and successful operations continue to be carried out.

The introduction of sperm chips has increased the chances of successful pregnancy outcomes. With this technology, quality sperm are selected. The method helps to find the best and most suitable sperm with the highest quality DNA. Since the embryo is created with the best quality sperm, the chances of pregnancy are higher. In our hospital, which always uses the most modern methods in IVF treatments Sperm Chip Fertile Plus and in vitro fertilization treatments were started.

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus This can be used to separate healthy sperm from less healthy sperm. The sperm chips are made up of microchannels, and the microchannels are responsible for selecting the best sperm. There are two sides to the system, with one side storing good quality sperm and the other storing poor quality sperm. Poor quality sperm are unhealthier than the others and have damaged DNA. Good quality sperm are healthy sperm with intact DNA. Thus, quality sperms are selected and poor quality sperms are prevented from decreasing the chance of pregnancy. The egg is combined with quality and healthy sperm and an embryo with a very strong DNA is created. This embryo is then successfully transferred to the uterus. From this embryo, it is possible to produce blastocyst embryos that reach the fifth day. Blastocyst embryos help to establish and maintain pregnancy and increase the chances of pregnancy.

Sperm chips make it possible for men who do not have enough sperm to become fathers. However, it should be noted that some candidates do not respond to treatments and cannot have a baby despite all the possibilities. Sperm Chip Fertile Plus can also come into play at this stage, ensuring that the results are successful.

Sperm chips provide a great advantage in IVF treatments. In IVF treatments; in cases of male infertility, in cases where the sperm count of the male candidate is low, the chances of the expectant mother and father to conceive can be significantly increased. Due to these problems, expectant parents who cannot have a baby can increase their chances of achieving the pregnancy they want thanks to sperm chips.

There are continuous innovations and developments in the field of medicine. Different methods have also been developed to detect healthy sperm. The newest and most effective of these Sperm Chip Fertile Plus method. Sperm chips use microchannels that mimic the existing system in the body. Microchannels are of great importance in the selection of quality sperm. Sperm are collected in one area, then healthy, quality sperm are sifted through the micro-channels and collected in a different area. The micro-chip acts like a sieve.

The easy and fast separation of healthy sperms increases the chances of pregnancy, and it is possible to obtain quality embryos due to the fertilization of the egg cell with quality sperms. Therefore, in centers that use sperm chips, the number of successful pregnancies is higher.

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus When sperm are inserted into the vagina of the expectant mother in the normal way, they travel the distance to the uterine canal. In this area, various micro-channels are formed under the influence of hormones in the secretion called mucus. The task of the microchannels is to separate the healthy sperm. The sperm chip makes it possible to detect healthy sperm. At the same time, it reduces the time to achieve pregnancy. Because it is the fast and healthy sperms that enable pregnancy to occur, and the egg can be fertilized with these sperms.

In classical IVF treatments, sperm and egg cells from the man are in the same environment. If the micro-injection method is used, sperm is transferred to each egg cell. Thus fertilization takes place. If the required efficiency of the sperm is not obtained, the most suitable sperm for fertilization should be selected. In this case, the sperm chip method is used.

In practice, the best quality sperm from the semen sample may be preferred. If the sperm count is insufficient, if there is DNA damage on the sperm or if there is a deficiency in the morphological characteristics of the sperm, the chances of obtaining healthy embryos are greatly increased. Therefore, the possibility of pregnancy increases in cases of inability to conceive due to all these conditions.

Application of Sperm Chip Fertile Plus Treatment

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus technology was implemented in 2016. The chips, which contain special technology and are obtained as a result of long efforts, are searched for live sperm with unique methods. The chips distinguish between healthy sperm and sperm that are less healthy than others.

The microchannels in the sperm chips work to select the best quality sperm. The method separates quality and poor quality sperm into two different sides. On the one hand, the good quality sperm with perfectly intact and healthy DNA are collected, and on the other hand, the unhealthy sperm with damaged DNA are collected. In this way, unhealthy sperm are selected and the risk of reducing the chance of pregnancy is eliminated.

In the first stage of treatment, the sperm are separated by micro-chip method and the best quality sperm are identified. Simultaneously, the expectant mother undergoes hormonal treatment to increase the number of eggs. In the next stage, the sperm is deposited into the uterus and the egg is expected to be fertilized.

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus method, quality sperms are selected to ensure that the vaccination is more successful. With improved sperm chips, healthy and high quality sperm are separated from the others as if through a sieve. These healthy spermatozoa are stored in a different place in the microchannels. The sperms transferred into the chip move like a flock of birds, the sperms with good DNA come to the fore and show that they are more ideal options for vaccination. Therefore, there are two stages in the method; in the first stage, quality sperms are selected and in the second stage, these selected sperms are implanted into the uterus.

Advantages of Sperm Chip Fertile Plus

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus are sperm chips used in IVF applications, artificial insemination applications. These chips were developed by Harvard University & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Brigham and Women’s Hospital to select the best sperm morphologically, genetically and physiologically. It has also been patented. The chips can be easily applied in embryology laboratories of IVF centers.

Microfluidic sperm extraction chip technology tries to mimic the way sperm travel through the vaginal canal to reach the egg. Therefore, techniques such as centrifugation and pietle mixing, which can cause DNA breaks that can damage healthy and viable cells, are not used. It is a much easier, faster and standardized method to separate the best sperm from other low-quality and dead sperm.

Of course, various methods are used on sperm today. Commonly used sperm washing, flotation, gradient methods use a number of techniques. Techniques such as centrifugation, vortex and pipette mixing can damage live sperm cells. It may even cause oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress causes DNA damage in healthy sperm and this has been demonstrated by scientific studies. If sperm with damaged DNA are used, it causes a decrease in pregnancy rates in in vitro fertilization (IVF) and artificial insemination (IUI) applications.

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus champion sperm are selected and this is done in the most natural way possible. Long-term procedures that can cause damage to the sperm are also eliminated. It is possible to achieve the healthiest result with an extremely short procedure of only 30 minutes. Due to the low number of steps, the risk of contamination is reduced and all these advantages make sperm chips more and more prominent day by day.

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus Application Locations

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus is being practiced in more and more areas and in more and more places. Assisted reproductive treatment centers are one of the places where the application is performed. In these centers, extensive research is carried out for those who cannot have a baby by normal means, tests are offered and sperm chips can also be preferred to increase the chance of pregnancy.

Andrology laboratories are another place where the method is applied. In such laboratories, a sperm chip can be used as a modern and effective method for the separation of healthy and DNA intact sperm.

In vitro fertilization treatment centers of hospitals Sperm Chip Fertile Plus method is one of the most widely used. Because the method greatly increases the success rate in IVF treatments and helps to increase the pregnancy rate by fertilization with healthy sperms.

Sperm Chip
Sperm Chip (Fertile Plus) 3

Sperm chips are also used in medical laboratories, where the quality of sperm is examined and the method can be used to obtain healthy sperm. We can easily say that as the day goes on and as the research reflects that the method increases the success rate in treatments, we can easily say that we will encounter it in more and more places.

Use of Sperm Chip Fertile Plus in Normal Sperm

In clinical trials, it has been shown that sperm selection by conventional methods can lead to DNA fragmentation, even at a minimal level. Whereas Sperm Chip Fertile Plus in infertility treatments in the medical field, pregnancy rates resulting in healthy births have increased considerably. The most fundamental factor affecting the success of IVF and vaccination treatments is embryo quality. Using sperm chip technology, it has been observed that embryo quality has been increased not only in male infertility problems, but also in female infertility problems with unknown causes.

Therefore, sperm chip technology can be used in all infertility problems, even in normal sperm, and embryo quality can be improved. Increasing embryo quality naturally increases the rate of a healthy pregnancy. The most important point for this is the guidance of the specialist doctor.

Sperm Chip Fertile Plus It should not be forgotten that the method is performed in addition to IVF treatment. For this reason, a detailed research should be done before receiving IVF treatment, doctors with experience in their field, high success rates and well-equipped health centers should be selected. Our hospital has a dedicated team that stands out with years of knowledge and experience. Our doctor and other staff will follow the treatment processes in the best way, and will draw a road map according to how to achieve success in the fastest and easiest way.

The most modern treatments and methods are always used in our hospital, and world-class healthcare services are waiting for you. The sperm chip method is one of the newest and most effective methods used in IVF treatments. For this reason, the relevant method can be applied to our patients as a result of analyzes, which increases the chance of successful pregnancy. You can contact us about the most basic issues related to the method and anything you have in mind about IVF treatment, you can get detailed information and if you wish, you can request an appointment.

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